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Start Making Money - Affiliate marketing - Amazon and other existing business owners

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This site layout is for Yiddish so if you wanna get it in the English layout where it's easier to read send me an email to
and tell me that you need it and i will send it for you

I wrote a few comments about Affiliate Marketing lately, and I got a lot of private messages here, and it required me to be on the phone for hours
explaining for people exactly how it works, so I decided that I'm going to write it down here, and I will try to explain you everything about it, how you can money from affiliate marketing and also explain to you why for an Amazon or eBay seller, or even for any other existing business owner who has a business which does not require you to meet in person in order to make a sale, it's almost like throwing money away if you aren't doing affiliate marketing

First I'll try to go through overall what it is, and how it works, and later I'll go into more details, so please take a few minutes and read it through carefully.


Most of us Heimisha will always wanna go straight to the tricks and the shortcuts to cheat the system, and we wanna make money on day 1, and it's clear for everyone that in a legitimate way it will take some time so everybody would like to get the shortcuts first, so let me tell you why I am not going to do that

If you are an Amazon seller and let's say you did some trick that violates the Amazon's guidelines so when Amazon will notice it, they might close your listing and send you a warning but your account will remain open, only if you will do it multiple times then they will close your account, in affiliate marketing it's a little bit different, if Google notices that you tried to trick the system, they will throw you away from their rankings, and your whole work of building your websites, writing content, and the rest might be worthless in a minutes

Therefore I will not teach you that especially since they have already a system in place to know instantly when websites are trying to trick the system, so it's just not worth doing it

Yes you can make a lot of money through the legitimate way, and that is what I will try to teach you here, and this will take you a little bit time to build it, but eventually it will be a stable income for you

What is Affiliate Marketing

The idea of Affiliate marketing is very simple, instead of how it used to work, that some company wanted to place an advertisement they would call up a news outlet and pay them to place their ad, it works a little bit different, most companies have today an Affiliate program, where you can sign up for, and put their ads on your website, social media etc. and whenever someone clicks on your ad and goes to the companies website, and buys the product or service, you will get a commission of the sale

The percent they will pay you depends on the Conversion rate, meaning, the chance that when someone will go the companies website they will actually buy something from there, for example, a site like who has a primary system build up, where most people who will go to will eventually buy something from there, so they are doing most of the work to get the sale, and not you, so they will pay you only around 8%, but other smaller sites will sometimes pay 50% or even more depends on the product

Every big company has an affiliate program, so you can decide whichever program you want to join, or you can join Google Ad-Sense where you need to designate a place on your website for them, and they put all kinds of ads there

Understandably that a single product like a shoe or cream won't give you too much because the company needs to make some profit too, but a service or even a monthly service might give you high commissions each month

As soon you're signed up for an affiliate program you will get access to receive links and banners to place it on your website, and whenever someone clicks on it the company has a system in place, to know that the sale came through your link, and you will get the commissions even if the customer isn't buying the product you promoted, most Affiliate programs will give you commission for any order the clients who came to their sites through your link purchased

Can I make money

So this is the first question everybody wants to know, can I make money off it? The answer is clearly YES, and you can make a lot of money, but you need to know that its not going to happen in 1 day and not even in a month it will take you at least 2-3 months to come up on Google when people are searching for stuff that your site is related to, and once you are there, you will start making a lot of money if you do it the right way

First, let's talk about the two kinds of websites and see what we are talking about here

Product website
Niche Website

A product website is where you see products and when people come to your site they see all kind of goods you are selling, now, this is a little bit hard because you are competing with all the major players like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, who are spending billions a year on advertising so how will you break into the market ? Of course, there are ways to do it with paid ads and more, but I'll leave that for professional marketers we will talk here from the other kind

Niche Website - A Niche means a particular thing lets take an example, you sell vitamins now you can sell vitamins, in general, now, let's break it into a smaller category like to lose weight, let's break it further into losing weight naturally or losing fat from the foot, etc

The smaller the category is, the better is the chance for you to become the number 1 in the market, and never think that it's a small category, and there is not enough place to make money off it, because there are billions of people on the internet searching for products, so even if you start a website based on freshers for computer screens if you will become number 1 in the market of computer freshers, you will make a lot of money off it

So it's always good to start in a specific market

A niche site isn't built on selling products, meaning, that when people visit your website they won't see lists of products they can buy, what they will see is articles about the issue your site is about, and in every article you will try to promote a few products which will be helpful for the issue you are talking about

So when people are searching for a problem they have, or they research a subject that you are writing about, they will read your article, and you will gain their trust, and then you can promote them a product that will be helpful for it, and they will buy it. see later examples

How it works - in short

You need to choose a Niche (topic) you are interested in, and open a website where you are going to write articles about that subject, and whenever you write an article you should look up for some items you can promote there which your readers, who are interested in that topic will like, and then you need to make sure that you can get traffic to your website which is not hard at all and then you will be able to make a lot of money from that

You might think how in the world will I get traffic to my site? There is so much competition out there, so first let's talk about the benefits of having a website with traffic, and then we will discuss how to get traffic to it

Amazon/eBay sellers double your sales - and every business that doesn't require to meet in person to make a sale

If you are anyway selling on Amazon, and you are writing articles about the products you are selling, for example, you're selling hand creams that make your hand soft and nice, and you write an article on "how to get rid of pimples etc." and you give your readers information about it and helpful ideas, in the end, you write about this and that product that helped you a lot, (and you're not telling them that it's your product) so when they read your stuff, they will trust you because you are addressing the problems they have, so when you are recommending them a product they will likely buy it, and you will get besides the profit you made on Amazon you will get another 8% commission from Amazon Associates
Don't worry about finding content for your articles it's easy. see later

I saw a 30% increase in my Amazon sales personally when my website started to get a reasonable amount of visitors (after 4 months that I opened my website), and besides getting a 30% increase in sales, I get another 8% commission, and the affiliate commission is not of the profit only, it is from the total sale, so sometimes you make more from the commission than from the sale

And this is not only for online sellers if, for example, you do in IT, or credit repair, or designing, basically anything that is usually done by phone or online, you can double your sales by creating a successful website and getting a lot of customers through it

Will Amazon Associates accept me? - Who needs them

Most affiliate programs won't accept you before your website is up and running for at least two months, and you have some traffic to it, but as I said it will take some time but as soon you're there, you can make a lot of money
I was once rejected from Amazon when I applied first, and my website was open for around three weeks and had around ten articles, but as soon I filled it with content they accepted me. I had the same with Google Ad-Sense, but as soon you have a reasonable amount of content you will be approved my most affiliate programs

I'm talking here a lot of Amazon associates that you might think that it's the best affiliate program, so let me explain why it's not exactly the best you can get

If you look at it from an Amazon seller standpoint, then you're right that Amazon associates will be magnificent for you because it will increase your Amazon sales, plus, you will be getting another 8% commission, and also Amazon has huge conversion rate, meaning that most people who are going to click on your Amazon link will eventually buy something from there, and you will get your 8% commission on anything they buy on for the next 24 hours, even if it's not the product you promoted. Amazon starts with 4% and after seven sales you go to 6% and shortly after you will go to 8%

But if you look at it from an affiliate marketer standpoint, once you have a website, and you are getting traffic to it, why should you promote someone who gives you only 8% commission when you can do the same thing and get up to 50% commission ? of course the conversion rate won't be as good, but as soon you get a lot of people reading your work they will trust you and buy what you are promoting

let's be clear, I'm not talking about pushing crap for your readers because then, you might make a fast $20, but they won't look anymore on your side, I'm talking about instead of sending them to buy a hand cream on Amazon where you will make 8%, send them to the companies website where you will make 20%

As someone who started Affiliate Marketing for Amazon purposes, I will advise you to focus on Amazon associates first and after 6-7 months working on it, you will have the right experience then you will make your decision if you wanna continue to promote Amazon or if you wanna focus on other sites that pay much higher commissions

You are here to help people
Liar !!!! You want to make money
A real example

Every reasonable man will know when he is reading your website that you are not here only to help out other people, people know that you are here to make money, but with that said, you don't need to remind your readers every 2 minutes that you are here to money on them

From the other side. When someone gets helpful information from you, they don't have any problem that you are making money on them, so you need to do it the smart way, let me give you an example

I wrote an article on my Website about selling on Amazon and everything you need to know about it from the beginning to the end, from what Amazon is, how it works, listing products, private label, feedback etc. basically that a dummy after reading the whole article will know exactly how to become a successful Amazon seller, and I promoted in that long article enough products that I can make between 5-7 hundred dollars on 1 customer, at the same time that I was really out there only to help the reader and not advertising anything, so lets see

Corporation, LLC - $50
Credit Card - $50
Computer, LapTop - $100
FeedBack Five - $5 monthly 18 months = $90
AppEagle - 10%
Packaging - 5%

Of course, most people have already a few from it, but some don't, and some have only a computer, but not a Corp. or they don't have a Credit Card, etc. Let's go it through

Corporation or LLC - is crucial for any business, so I have a form that readers can fill out, and it's automatically transferring it to a CPA who pays me $50 for each customer
Credit cards - if you can buy on a credit card I would recommend it, so I give a choice from a few sound cards, most credit cards affiliates will be $50 for each card
Computer, Laptop - is also a must, you cannot work from a smartphone, so I send to a website who pays 10-15%
FeedBack Five - I will say clear that it's not a must but it's helpful, they give 10% commission for 18 months if the customer signed up through your link
AppEagle - I tell them that it's not if you have your product (private label), and only if you have a lot of listing 30 and up
Packaging - every seller needs packaging supplies, even when you sell only through FBA, and you reuse the boxes, you still need tape, etc., so there are many programs to signup for that

So, here I promoted a lot of stuff but nothing is extra, and it's not like an advertisement at all (it's not only what I'm telling YOU now, it's the truth) it's a helpful article for someone who wants to start selling on Amazon, and for every product I promoted, I had the option to signup for whatever affiliate program I wanted and I find the best to promote

So that is the way it needs to go you can make money from products you promote but your focus should be to help your readers

What do I need to get started

Basic English - you don't need to be a professional
Options - you're not going to become a billionaire overnight it's going to take some time
Time - you need to dedicate at least an hour or 2 a day for around two months to built it up

Let's Start

I'll try to cover all the basics and where you can learn it and what I would recommend you

Domain name - Website name
The first thing you gotta do is get a domain name which is the name your site is called, you can buy that in many places the big one in that industry is Go Daddy where you can purchase a domain name for around $15 a year, and you get a few free email addresses included in the price, for privacy protection people shouldn't be able to search who the business owner is you will need to pay anther 6-7 dollars

people think that your website name needs to tell what your site is about, for example, if you sell shoes your site should be like but it's a mistake Google isn't referring you because of your name

Google's name isn't
Amazon's name isn't

What you should look for is, it should be memorable and it shouldn't be completely different from what your site is about you should be when you sell food

Even if you are not at the stage now to start with social media it's always good to own your name on all social sites it gives a lot to your brand so I would advise you to go to where you can type in the name you want, and they will tell you if it's still available on all sites

You should know that all names you would like to get will probably be taken because there are so many websites out there (and many people are in the business of buying good domain names and when someone wants to but it from them they ask crazy prices for it), so it might take some time until you will find a name that satisfies you

Remember that the success of your website isn't based on the site name plus, you can always buy another domain and transfer you content to the new domain

Some people think that behind each professional website there is some genius behind it, it's not true at all, it is very easy today to create a professional looking website, there are many sites where you can get templates and themes for your site meaning, that you don't need to do the Layout etc. you just need to fill in your content, you can try Word Press or Wix or google for other sites

Once your website is up and running you need to write out content for your site, first, let's make it clear, there is more than enough help you can find online even for free to get content ideas for what to write so take it easy

The first thing you should do is download "Grammarly" which will tell you the grammar mistakes you made; there is a paid advanced version, but you don't need to take that you can take the free version here

Make sure to choose a topic that interests you if not you will bust in a few days and as I said on every stupid topic there is enough people who are interested in it so if you will become the top sites on that topic you will be able to make a lot of money

it's not allowed to copy other websites and Google has a system in place to know if you do it, but you can cheat from other sites and write it in your way, you should just make sure that you're doing Copy Paste

Every website needs to have a Privacy Policy which you can google for a copy paste it to your site (but make sure to set that page on your site that it shouldn't be indexed by Google so it shouldn't be a copying problem

To go through the process in full will take me another 10 hours so I will let it for the program where you will learn it.

As soon you have a article ready you need to fo find the Keywords for it, meaning, when someone searches for the topic you wrote about what are the exact words they are typing in when they search for it, there are many programs for that some for free, and some will cost you a monthly fee, I would recommend you not to pay anything until you understand how it works, and you know why you wanna pay for it
I use Jaxxy, and you can try it out here


Plagiarising means copying other people's writing will cause you problems so before posting an article go to, and they will tell you if your content is your unique content

Get traffic
Once you write out a reasonable amount of content with the right Keywords you will start slowly to get traffic to your site it will take time but after a few
months you will find yourself getting thousands of visitors to your site

Of course, there is a lot more to learn but I hope you didn't expect me to go through a full course with videos and tutorials here what I can do is recommend you a good place where you can learn everything

Nothing is for free

to learn everything exactly how it works you will need to take some online course, no matter which path you decide to take, make sure to check the following before, and then I will give you my recommendation

Nothing is for free - use a little bit common sense and you will understand that nobody will give away a program that costs so much money and time for free, so when someone offers you something for free you should know that its a lie, the questions is how much it will cost you, I tried 3 courses before I started the course that eventually taught me how it works, and I paid almost $1,000 for it until I noticed that it was a stupid program so make sure before you start anything that you know exactly how much it's going to cost you

What are they going to teach you? - a lot of Affiliate programs will only show you how to promote their products, of course, they won't tell you that in the beginning but as soon you start it you can see that its made to promote only their products, stay away from it

First of all who said that their product is the best that you should commit yourself for it 2nd if you don't like it, and wanna stop learning it you are left with nothing they didn't teach how to have a business of your own you basically found a job in their business and you're even sure that you will get paid for it

Fast cash - Whenever someone promises you that you're going to make money today tomorrow or even in a few short weeks don't buy it use common sense does it make sense that you can build up a legitimate business in a few minutes

Make a policy for yourself that you are not taking your credit card out of your pocket before you know what you're paying for

The point is always to trust your mind over your feelings, I remember 1 time when I got 2 red notifications from Amazon (Amazon sellers will understand the sense of it) I was so depressed and googled on the internet to see if I can find some online business and I found someone who for under $200 you can buy a system that knows how to cheat the lottery system and it can predict the winning numbers

I was ready to pay for it what I thought What? Does that make sense? The answer is clearly no; I won't go in now into it, but I just want to make the point
that people lose their mind when they want something badly, so make sure not trust your feeling too much

You don't wanna do it yourself
Have it done for you from A-Z

Before you go through my Recommendation where you can learn all these stuff, if you feel that you would like to have all the benefits of having a Website with thousands of visitors, but you don't want to do it yourself.

Well, No problem I can give you someone who will do for you EVERYTHING from A-Z for a reasonable price, just contact me in Private, or Email me to
and we will get you hooked up with the right people

My Recommendation

Now let's go to what I can recommend you
Start with success

The program I'd recommend you, you can signup here let me go through it briefly what you are going to get from there, the signup is free, and they are sure that you are going to like it, and you will want to continue for the Paid Upgrade
So first to the part that is free

2 Websites
there are the regular Domains like, and then there are some places where you can get free Sub-Domains like, a domain you can't get for free, so you need to buy it, but there you will get two fee Sub-Domains

Website Building
The benefits of receiving free sites aren't the website itself which you can get from other places too; it's the website building part that you get, they will make sure that your site is getting indexed by Google and the other search engines

Once you purchased a domain or you chose to take a free Sub-Domain they are going to teach you the following

1. How the system works
2. How Affiliate Marketing Works
3. How to choose which Niche to start in
4. What the idea of a Niche is
5. How to build you site
6. How to set up your site
7. Setting up your site for Google and the other search engines
8. how to find content for your site
9. Differences between Pages and Posts and how to write your first page
10. How to make sure your content is good

Live Chat
You will receive two weeks access to the "Live Chat" section where there are many people whom you can ask whatever you want, and it will be answered within seconds, so you won't get stuck on a simple thing that you don;t know.

For longer question, there is a Community Section" where you can ask your questions, and it will usually be answered within 10-15 minutes, and when you type in your question, if it has been posted in the past 10 years that the program is running you will see the answer right away, most of the questions you will have will be answered there already.

The main benefit is that it's not a few Testimonial from people telling you how great the program is its thousands of active member who you can contact privatly if you want and you can see the website they created (if they placed it in their profile), so its not anyone's dream its actual facts.


Before you ask me, Hey! Nothing is for free
The answer is simple once you finished the free courses and you will like it, and you will want to continue the training then you will need to upgrade to premium, and that will cost you $49 a month, and once you're signed in you will see what you are getting for that

In other words, at the time you will need to make a payment you will understand already exactly why you should pay for it, and you will not be paying for promises you will know why and for what you're paying

So again if you want to try it out sign up for free here
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I'm sorry

תגובהדורך שמעלקעלע » מאנטאג סעפטעמבער 19, 2016 10:15 pm

As someone who is doing Affiliate marketing for quite some time
It might be that something that I understood a so simple and not worth to explain it too much
But, for a begginer its not so simple
Or something so simple that I explained in length

So.....I'm sorry

If you still have any questions you can contact me
האסט שוין געלערנט היינט ? הלכות קאנטרי
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wow!! wow!!
Thanks so much for this article!!!
This is really good content!!
Let me ask you, you wrote that have someone that can do everything for a reasonable price from A to z.
How is that?
It's like saying that you have someone that will sell fro me on amazon, from A-to-Z, you know you can't find such a thing.
Please explain.

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teglas האט געשריבן:wow!! wow!!
Thanks so much for this article!!!
This is really good content!!
Let me ask you, you wrote that have someone that can do everything for a reasonable price from A to z.
How is that?
It's like saying that you have someone that will sell fro me on amazon, from A-to-Z, you know you can't find such a thing.
Please explain.

Easier to explain by phone so private message me a number where to call you
האסט שוין געלערנט היינט ? הלכות קאנטרי
ווילסט ווערן א שותף מיט מיר ? מיין נייע ביזנעס - איך זיך שותפים

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