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This story is heartbreaking!

This is not your ordinary fundraiser for an orphaned family or coronavirus case, etc.

We are here to help the orphans of R’ Asher Lemel Hirsch a”h, a well-known bal chesed and beloved man. A man that worked hard for a living up until… that sad day that changed the rest of his life, and the life of his children.

His wife Ahuva a”h, the dear devoted mother of his fourteen lovely children was diagnosed with cancer. It was the beginning of a long hard life experience. R’ Lemel was always at her bedside. He juggled the roles of father mother & husband. The graphic description of pain and hardships of each family member is not necessary to describe, in three simple words, Tragic. Sad. Devastating.

Although he was occupied caring for his sick wife, he kept cheering up his kids, being their backbone during those difficult times and always making sure that the situation should not have any effect on their emotional lives.

Let’s not forget during these 3 difficult years of tremendous suffering, R’ Lemel also went through the extreme financial hardship of marrying off children, hefty medical bills, monthly mortgage payments, and day to day expenses.

And then it happened. She passed away at the age of 51 years. One chapter of their lives abruptly came to a sad end. A new sad chapter begun. While still struggling with the financial burden and debts, still with a heart full of pain, he went on with the strong courage that only he had. He supported his children’s emotional wellbeing and always thanked Hashem for all that he gave him.

Four lonely years passed. Three orphans got married and life went on. Then the nightmare of COVID-19 shook the family. R’ Lemel was rushed into the hospital all alone. The orphans were sitting at home not knowing what their father, their backbone, and their life supporter is going through, praying for his full and fast recovery.

Just as The COVID killer progresses, he had hardships in breathing, suffered a stroke, then a heart attack and kidney failure. After being on a respirator for 10 weeks the unbelievable happened. He joined his wife in Shamayim, at the age of 57 years, leaving behind four unmarried children, one of them only 3 weeks away from her wedding.

No words can describe this situation. As terrible as it sounds this is true!

The kallah will walk to the chuppa without a FATHER or MOTHER. Who is going to teach the bar mitzvah pshetil to the 12-year-old boy? Who is going to lead their Shabbos meals? Who is going support them emotionally? Who is going care for them on a daily basis? We cannot bring their parents back. The least you can do is open your heart and donate generously.

In this zechus of helping these orphans may the father of all orphans pay you back with health wealth and nachas.

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